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Gender Scan

Last week, we had the great pleasure of attending Ultra Scan in Ballymount to find out if our bump is a boy or a girl. It was scheduled for the day of Ava's 2nd birthday which made it even more exciting. Having gone through multiple rounds of IVF, plus being a Type 1 diabetic, I have had more scans in my life than I can even count. In the past couple of years, I've visited many of the private scan clinics in Dublin.

I can honestly say that from the moment we walked in the doors, this was far and away the nicest clinic we've been to. Not that there was anything wrong with the other ones we've been to, but Ultra Scan is just a cut above! It's like an oasis of calm. From it's bright and modern waiting room, to the spacious and luxurious scan rooms. It feels like stepping into a very high tech day spa:) The staff are absolutely lovely. There were fab armchairs in the scanning room for Ava and Audrey to sit in and a massive flatscreen on the wall where we could watch the scan as it happened.

Ava making sure I fill the form in correctly!

While this was not our first 'gender reveal' as we'd found out with Ava too, it doesn't get any less exciting! By the time I was lying down on the bed, we were both nervous wrecks. I'd convinced myself that it was another girl, purely because this pregnancy so far has been so similar to how I was with Ava. We asked the technician not to tell us until the end. So while she was scanning, we were both trying to give it our best guess. At one point we both saw what looked like a little willy and said to each other 'oh that's DEFINITELY a boy!'

However... when she asked were we ready to know, she said...

'It's a girl!'

We were both so excited and squealing to Ava 'you're going to have a baby sister!' She was just looking at us like we'd lost the plot!

They sent us all of the images via email (with the option of whatsapp) plus we were able to print out a selection of scan pictures there and then from their 'photo booth'. They also offer a service where they don't tell you the gender at the scan, but instead put the results in an envelope so you can open them at a later date.

Some people don't like to find out the gender of their baby, and that's totally fine. We all do things differently in pregnancy and parenting. That's the beauty of life. For us, finding out the gender is a really lovely gift half way through the pregnancy. Personally, it helps me to feel a bit more connected to the little human growing inside of me. If you do decide to go for a gender scan, I'd highly recommend UltraScan. Gender scans cost €115.00 and worth every penny IMO. The link to their page is here.

Ranae x


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