Equality for Children 

Equality for Children is a campaign that was started in October 2019 after a group of LGBTQ+ parents decided that we wouldn't sit idly by and watch as our children were discriminated against. Our mission is simple:

            "To ensure full legal protection for all children of                             LGBTQ+ families by the Irish State."



In 2015, Ireland voted for marriage equality for LGBTQ+ families. You may have seen headlines over the last while claiming that new laws will soon be in place to guarantee equal rights to same sex parents. However this is not true. While there are new laws coming in, they will only apply to those who meet certain criteria. 

Only female couples who have used an Irish clinic to conceive with an identifiable donor (and those children must be born in the Irish State) will be covered and be allowed to both be registered as parents to their children. 

While this is fantastic news for those who meet the criteria, it also means that everybody else is left behind. That means if you are LGBTQ+ and have conceived your children in any other way than what the politicians have decided is acceptable, then you are to be excluded from this law and will not have your family recognised.



There are many ways in which you can help us bring full equality to all LGBTQ+ Families in Ireland. 

You can do something as small as sharing a post on social media to raise awareness or if you feel strongly enough you can join our campaign. 


Check out our dedicated website here where you can learn more, get involved and help us in the fight for true equality.

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