Treating Yourself And Your Family After Lockdown Eases

**This is a collaborative post

As lockdown slowly eases, many of us are tentatively considering how to begin resuming the natural flow of our lives. Of course, this must be cautiously considered and focused on, as life isn’t going to immediately resume as normal, and caring for our health and the health of our families is still paramount (as is making sure we act as responsible citizens to protect other families, too).

Treating yourself and your family after lockdown eases, though, can truly help us take that first step back to normality. But what’s the kicker? Well, we’d say that you don’t have to spend overly in order to make sure this experience is enjoyed well. Some families may wish to use Buddy Loans to help sustain a first staycation back to normality, while others may be happy to just invite a few people over and enjoy a barbecue or picnic in their back garden.

What matters is that whatever you choose, it’s right for you and your family. In this post, I’ll discuss a few suggestions that could help you return to a sense of normality by celebrating and enjoying the simple things in life.

A Large Home Feast

It can be nice to invite some people around for a large home feast, depending on what the advised guidelines are for your area. Having your parents or loved ones around for a nice meal might be something that you haven’t been able to do for a year or so, and so making the most of this can be lovely.

Why not order some special food online, or try your hand at baking after you were tired of it two months into lockdown? It could be that you teach your children to make cookies especially for this event, or perhaps you try a new cuisine you’ve been wanting to import meats for. Of course, it could simply be that now is the time to go out and support your local restaurant now they’ve been permitted to open up again, or perhaps to go and collect their home-cooking packs they’ve been selling.

A large home feast and a movie night may seem simple, but it can truly help us bust stress and help us make an event to remember. For that reason, these experiences are worth their weight in gold.

What Events Have You Missed Out On?

It might just be that you’re still waiting to celebrate your anniversary and haven’t had the time or the ability to do so. Perhaps your child had to settle for an intimate birthday this year, or perhaps even for the second time now?

You can make up for those efforts as lockdown eases. This might entail visiting the beach, or going for fun days out such as a trip to the zoo and a lovely meal out afterwards. You may ask a family member to come and take care of your children for one night while you enjoy that romantic meal with your partner, with a beautiful walk along the seafront afterwards. Making up for events you missed out on is totally up to you, in content and in when you schedule them. Why not have a discussion about it, or book those tickets for that surprise? Either way, this helps you show people that you care for them and are willing to go back and make the most of an event you may have otherwise missed.

Visit Your Family On A Road Trip

Visiting your family on a road trip can be a great idea. For those with family on the other side of the country like us, a long trip in the car might not seem like the most freeing of circumstances after we’ve been cooped up at home for a year.. but it’s true that if you have ample time to stretch your legs and you stop a few times along the way (perhaps camping or spending time in simple hotels), you can make a great time of it.

It might be that you see your family all along the side of the coast, spending a few days with each and showing them how much you’ve missed them. Perhaps it’s been a year since you went home and visited your family who live counties away? Provided the guidelines permit you to and you practice careful safety efforts, this could be a lovely time to reconnect and rekindle that love you’ve been missing out on.

Get Involved In A Community Activity

Communities have suffered in the last year for obvious reasons, and so it can be nice to reconnect with them again. Maybe there’s a local charity drive taking place to support the local schools, or perhaps you’re trying to help out with local litter picking efforts (something as simple as this can have a big impact).

It may be that your local authority is trying to replant the trees in a local park or forest, and you want to be part of that. If nothing else, getting involved in community life can feel rewarding, it may help you meet your neighbors again, and in the long run, you’re more likely to make friends and to take pride in your surroundings.

Invest In Your Garden

It’s healthy to invest in your garden from time to time. As the summer months approach, curating a space for you to feel relaxed and to take a load off can be a great idea. Perhaps you’ll pick up a trampoline or garden climbing frame to help them burn off their endless reserves of energy, or maybe you can burn some of your own gardening and creating a vegetable patch.

Investing in your garden is an investment in yourself, so don’t be afraid to get indulgent and to shape this green space as much as you like. Being outside and in nature is great for our mental health - even if this means renting a local allotment space nearby.

With this advice, I hope you can treat yourself and your family after lockdown eases. We all deserve it after the year we've had!

Ranae x