Tips To Create A Bedroom Your Kids Will Love

This is a collaborative post.

Decorating a bedroom is something that you want to get right because it’s a space to relax and feel comfortable in. When it comes to your kid’s bedroom, it’s a space where you want them to feel at ease and to have fun in. Here are some tips to create a bedroom that your kids will love.

Ask Them For Input

Firstly, it’s always a good idea to ask them for their input. It’s their bedroom at the end of the day and so it’s important to make sure they’re happy with everything that’s being added to the space. If you've got children as opinionated as ours are, then they are certainly going to have quite a bit to say! I really do think it’s important that you ask them, because it will then be a space that they know they had influence in and can therefore feel proud of. It's an easy way to allow your child some sort of say in their day to day life, which is crucial when building their independence and confidence.

Focus On Their Favourite Colours

We all have a favourite colour (or two!), so you may want to focus on that when it comes to their bedroom. Favourite colours don’t often change too so that’s something that might pay back in time when it comes to how little you have to make updates to the space. Try to pick colours where possible that are going to work in the space but that are also going to fit what your child wants from their perspective. The more colour you can incorporate, the better. From Cuckoolands kids bunk beds to the curtains, everything can incorporate some level of colour to it.

Utilize Built-In Or Hidden Storage

With storage options, you want to pick something that’s going to work for the space and so sometimes, built-in storage can be a great help. It’s worth finding storage options that can also double-up as furniture and can be hidden in parts. The reason for this is that it makes the bedroom look a lot less cluttered. The number of toys your kids have can often lead to an excessive amount, which can make the room feel a lot more messier than it actually is. Try to incorporate as much storage as you can.

Choose Durable Decor

Durable decor is something you want in a kid’s bedroom because as a trait, not every child is usually well house-trained when they’re young. That means that they might not have much attention on closing things carefully or touching surfaces with dirty hands or feet. Try to get that durable decor that will still look somewhat presentable a few years down the line.

Creating a bedroom that your kid’s will love is something that can be very rewarding as a parent. It's a safe space for them to enjoy and unwind. Let me know if you use any of these tips to make your kid’s bedroom the best it can be.

Ranae x