Time For A Couples Getaway? Here's What You Need To Consider

***This is a collaborative post

Whether this is something of a dream, or a holiday you plan to take in the future, a break from the children can often be welcomed. Especially after this last year and all of these lockdowns we have been having. It's easy to forget that we are still individuals and a couple, as well as playing your parenting role. If you get the chance to take a trip without the kids, whether that be a weekend or something longer, it’s worth taking that opportunity. It can do wonders for your relationship.

As opportunities to travel at some point again in the future are looking likely, you may be thinking about that couples getaway and planning it. With that in mind, here are the things to think about and some of the destinations you should consider.

What do you need to consider for your quick getaway?

A couples getaway is often something that you can only do for a weekend or short break. It might be planned well in advance, but it does come around very fast. It could be that you need to think about packing lightly and organising it as well so that you can make the most of all of the time you have. Here are some of the things you can do.

Sort any paperwork ahead of time

One of the first things to think about would be paperwork. This is getting all of your bookings and confirmations printed, your tickets or any boarding passes you might need as well as any visas or documents you need to fill in. Whether you have eta Canada questions or want to understand whether you need a tourist visa for your chosen location, doing it ahead of time would help you to ensure you get it right.

Sort your clothes according to outfits

Being organised with the clothes you pack is essential for packing lightly. A great idea is to get out everything you would like to take away with you. Place it on your bed and think about the holiday you are taking. Is the holiday the type where you will need to dress up? Or is it a more casual affair? This means you won’t pack any of the clothes you won’t need. Taking up valuable space and weight in your luggage.

Think smart when it comes to toiletries

Toiletries and makeup can take up a lot of the weight. Especially if you have bought new bits to take away with you. It is recommended to buy specific travel sizes of your toiletries or decant some of your usual products into smaller bottles. This means you are only taking what you need for the duration and saving valuable weight in your luggage.

Don’t go overboard with shoes

You need to think about your shoes in the same way you think about the clothes you pack. You need to pack shoes suitable for the holiday you are going on and preferably pairs that match with the outfits you have already organised. If you can stick with a neutral shade of shoes that would go with more things, then that’s even better.

Utilise your hand luggage allowance

Finally, the last tip would be to utilise your hand luggage allowance. This is where most travellers slip up. Some airlines offer a decent weight for hand luggage, meaning some of your items could travel in there instead of your main case.

Where should you go?

Once you are ready with the above tips, you might be thinking about where to go. As a couple, you may have some options that are opened up to you more so than when you have to consider the children. With that in mind, here are some of the locations to think about.

Las Vegas

A holiday without the kids can mean one of two things. Either you want to relax with your half and catchy up on well-deserved sleep. Or you want to enjoy the party with a few cocktails thrown in. If the party is what you want, then Las Vegas can surely provide it. The city that never sleeps. You can enjoy some time in the casinos and bars. You might want to catch a show from some of the top quality residencies that are held there. Or you may just want to enjoy the rollercoaster that sits on top of a hotel. Whatever you decide to do with your time you will have a fantastic vacation in Las Vegas.


If you are after a more relaxed vibe during the day with something going on at night then why not consider Cancun. This destination is fast becoming popular, and you can see why. There are many all-inclusive hotels to unwind during the day. These tend to sit on the beach meaning you don’t need to move far for a beautiful view. Or you can take in some of the picturesque surroundings by doing a tour.


Perhaps you just want to be in one another's company. Then consider a trip to Barbados. A relaxing Caribbean island that will allow you to sink into a sun bed while hearing the waves softly in the background. It’s a little piece of heaven. This is the perfect spot for a little romance if this is your intended purpose.


Another place you could consider would be Canada. It is a country that really has it all. You could indulge in winter breaks and skiing, or head to one of the fantastic cities like Vancouver or Toronto. It has stunning countryside and epic places to visit from rolling mountains to vast lakes. It really is a stunning location and perfect for a couples getaway.


Finally, you could take in the country love. Italy has many destinations that will ignite romance in a couple. Rome being the most famous and with so many attractions to take in you won’t be bored. There is also wonderful food to sample. Pasta and pizza galore, what is not to love? There is also Venice and Florence with all their characteristics and charm.

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to planning and booking your next couples getaway.