Encouraging the Kids to Get Active!

*This is a collaborative post.

When you have a toddler, it is difficult to imagine that one day they may sit still for more than five minutes. But, as kids grow slightly older, the lure of video games, YouTube, and watching the television becomes more appealing, and you may struggle to cut down on their screen time. Many parents worry that their kids get too much screen time and don’t spend enough time getting fresh air and being active. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that kids get a minimum of one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day. But, many kids don't get this recommended amount of daily exercise.

All parents want their kids to be healthy, but finding ways to achieve this is not always easy. Getting your children away from their screens and being active can become a battle and turns the situation into a contentious issue. The problem is that once your child feels like they are being nagged, they may be even less likely to want to exercise. So, finding ways to work around exercise turning into an issue is essential.

Start Early

Encouraging kids to be active from an early age is a great way to reduce the likelihood of becoming sedentary as they grow older. Getting your children involved in sports from a young age is an excellent way to nurture a life-long love of being active.

Making active fun a regular part of the time spent together as a family can help your child stick with an active lifestyle throughout life. Going on bike rides, playing football in the garden, and enjoying lots of walks are just a few examples of enjoyable ways to stay active with young children and beyond.

Sign Up for a Club

If your child shows an interest in a specific sport, you may want to encourage this to develop further by signing them up for a club. Being part of a team and gaining the sense of camaraderie that this brings can benefit kids in lots of ways. Team sports help kids stay active, build confidence, learn to work with others as part of a team and make new friends, so there are many positive reasons to get them involved in team sports.

If there is not a kids team for your child to join, you may want to look into starting one. If your child loves rugby, finding qualified and approved coaches in your area could get the process of creating a team moving. Next, you need to start looking for an NRL jersey creator for the team kits and places to train.

Keep it Positive

Making sure exercise is viewed positively is crucial if you want your child to be active. If you moan that you hate exercise or make your child participate in a club or sport they don’t enjoy, this can put them off being active. Making exercise a positive experience will ensure they stay active and everyone has fun in the process.