Emergency Contact Lists Every Homeowner and Parent Should Have

***this is a collaborative post

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that needed a quick solution but didn't have anyone to call? Every second that counts is critical when facing an emergency. Knowing who to call or how to take care of the emergency is vital at such moments. Here are some important contacts every homeowner or parent should have.

Home Emergency Contact Numbers

A plumbing problem can lead to severe water damage if not addressed on time. One way to sort out an emergency plumbing issue is to know the main valve's location then cut the water supply to the house as you wait for the plumbers.

When your ac is not working, the house can be unbearable in scorching weather. Having a contact to call who offers 24 hour AC repair can be reassuring. You'll have someone sort out the issue fast and at any time of the day.

The same goes for other household emergencies such as electricity and security issues. It's also essential to have back-up contacts if you can't quickly reach your primary service provider. Other critical contact details to keep include

  • Your home insurance company

  • Water company

  • Electricity company

  • Local Garda Station

Medical Emergency

Medical emergency contact details are probably the most critical numbers everyone in your house should have. It's best to have them hang somewhere anyone can easily access, such as on the fridge or next to the phone. When free, check online for the local numbers to call in case of a medical emergency. These may include the police non-emergency contacts, 911 hotlines, emergency vet contacts, and your doctor's emergency number.

If you have anyone who requires special medical aid, write down the information, then the doctor's contact information. Remember to do this even when expecting a child. It's always good to think about the worst scenario, even when you take precautions. Make sure to verify if the emergency contacts work.

Also, ask your doctor for their emergency contact number. It's usually different from the regular one. You wouldn't want to call when in an emergency only to find out they are out of service. If you have young children who can read, let them know how to locate the emergency numbers and call.

Home Maintenance Contact Details

Do you need your roof checked or the house fumigated? Although it's not an emergency, not taking care of your home can lead to an emergency such as a falling roof, severe pest infestation, carbon poisoning and water contamination.

When dealing with an animal intrusion or dangerous pests, the problem becomes an emergency. You'll need to call the local wildlife services or animal handlers to advise and help transfer the animal to a safer habitat.

Have the contact details of a reliable pest control expert, a handyman, roof expert and technician. You never know when you'll need the services. To avoid disappointments, ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbours and then check online reviews of different local providers.

It's also good to have the contact details of several trusted and reliable neighbours and a relative who lives nearby. Sometimes you may need a neighbour to check on your kids or attend an emergency when you are away.