I have the pleasure of speaking at an event in October which has been arranged by SIMS fertility clinic. Up until now, Reciprocal IVF (shared motherhood) wasn’t available in Ireland, which is why Audrey and I were forced to travel abroad for fertility treatment. In a really exciting update, SIMS have been granted a licence to start carrying out this procedure. This literally happened last month! It’s kind of bittersweet for us, as we would have loved to be able to access this treatment ourselves at home. But we are very happy to see things changing in Ireland.

Even though this treatment is now ‘legal’ in Ireland, it still doesn’t change the fact that both mothers won’t be legally recognised, even once the CFRA legislation is commenced- but the more families that are created this way, well, they will have no choice but to legislate for us.

They’ve asked me to come and speak at an information seminar for couples who are interested in learning more about Reciprocal IVF. So please do come along on the 27th of October to their Dublin clinic where I’ll be chatting about our experience going through multiple rounds of Reciprocal IVF- and having two daughters through it!

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