Accessories and Books

When I first started using Essential Oils I wasn't sure where to find all of the accessories that I needed. From glass spray bottle for making household cleaners to smaller roller bottles for making my own oil blends. I've spent the last year looking for reputable places to buy. I have tried plenty of brands and plenty of companies and websites. dōTERRA do stock a very small amount of glass vials and other accessories but for the most part you have to look elsewhere. 

That being said, I found a lovely company called EssentOils which are UK based... but they ship to Ireland and have just launched in the USA also. They sell glass bottles, rollers, oil cases, educational books and much more. 

Click here to be redirected to the EssentOils website.

I also recommend the Irish company Bomar. You can order online or can visit their shop in Wicklow which stocks all variety of essential oil supplies. Check out their website here.

If you are just starting out in your 'oily journey' I'd suggest buying the Modern Essentials Handbook. This is the bible of all things oil related and will be your go to when learning about how to use your oils. In addition I would get some small glass rollers and a few spray bottles so you can experiment with blends and cleaners.

Happy shopping,

Ranae x

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